The fertilization of trees and shrubs can increase growth and supply vital nutrients needed for growth

Why you should fertilize?

Urban soils are usually lacking the nutrients that are essential for proper growth. This is mainly due to the fact that we rake up the leaves and organic matter that would normally be recycled back into the soil, thus making it necessary for us to replace them with supplemental fertilization.

Benefits of fertilization:

– Improve leaf color
– Better canopy and root density
– Increase in stored energy

How do we apply fertilizer?

We inject a custom blend of fertilizer 6-10 inches below the soil’s surface in a grid pattern throughout the root zone. Putting the fertilizer into the soil minimizes nutrient leaching and competition from turf. Applying the fertilizer in a grid pattern promotes even uptake throughout the tree not just in a few concentrated areas like the do-it yourself fertilizer spikes.

What do we use?

Our blend of macro and micronutrients are of the highest quality and can be customized to correct any specific deficiencies. These nutrients are available in a blend of immediate and slow release forms. This allows for some quick results combined with year long availability of nutrients. Our secret ingredient is a highly concentrated liquid organic material. The benefits of using this root biostimulant are similar to the benefits of a gardener using compost. By adding organic matter to the soil, you improve nutrient retention, water holding capacity and the soil structure. Most tree problems begin below ground.The roots of a tree extend far from the trunk and are found mostly in the upper 6-12 inches of soil. Healthy roots are vital for a healthy tree.

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