Apple Scab Treatment

apple scab before
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Apple Scab

Apple scab is a very common fungal pathogen in the twin cities due to the prominence of crabapples in our urban environment. Spores from the apple scab fungus Venturia inequalis are released in the spring and can spread to newly forming leaves. If the first spread of spores is successful in infecting leaf tissue, more spores will be released throughout the spring and summer and the infection will continue throughout the summer. This will cause the leaves to develop yellow to brown lesions and drop in the mid to late summer. A heavy apple scab infection will cause a decline in vitality as fewer leaves create less energy. Repeated infections can make the tree vulnerable to decline and or other pathogens.

Management: Premium Tree Protection employs two preventive sprays in the spring to prevent an infection for the entire growing season. The key to our control program is the treatment timing. We use decades of experience to consistently protect crabapple trees effectively so that our clients’ trees reach their full potential.

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