Apple Scab

Apple scab treatment is a fungus that causes an unattractive disfiguration on the leaf and fruit of your ornamental crab apple tree.

Fungal spores are released in the early spring and spread to the newly forming leaves. If this first spread of spores is successful there can be a second release of spores in the summer. The infections will continue to spread throughout the entire growing season. This will cause the leaves to die and drop in mid to late summer and miss out on late season growth. This infection and early leaf drop causes a decline in the overall health of the tree. It is detrimental to the long term success of your tree.

Premium Tree Protection sprays crab apple trees twice in the spring during the peak infection period to stop the fungi from becoming established. We use a combination of a contact and a systemic fungicide. The contact kills fungi it comes in contact with. The systemic is absorbed into the leaves and provides longer protection against apple scab fungi.

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