Growth Regulator

When properly administered, a growth regulator can be a healthy choice for any tree.

• Increase Drought Tolerance
• Enhance Root Production
• More Efficient Leaves
• Reduce Canopy Growth
• Aid with Construction Damage (pre or post)
• Lower Pruning Costs
• Keep Tree at a More Manageable Size

Greener leaves >> higher amounts of chlorophyll >> more energy production

Thicker leaves >> a larger physical barrier against small insects and diseases >> less water loss on hot, dry days >> more efficient energy producers

How it works:
The hormone gibberellin is responsible for the vegetative growth, i.e. branches, through cell elongation in trees. Paclobutrazol is a chemical that is responsible for reducing production of the hormone gibberellin in plants. With reduced growth to branches, the tree is forced to use the extra energy elsewhere within itself. This leads to an increase in root production and healthier leaves.

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